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Metaverse Fashion Week 2.0 Line-Up Revealed with Adidas Showcasing Global First

Get ready to witness the future of fashion at Metaverse Fashion Week 2.0 in Miami, scheduled from March 28 to March 31 in Decentraland. The event will showcase the most innovative and futuristic fashion collections from around the world, including a global first from Adidas’ Virtual Gear NFT Capsule Collection.

The Luxury Fashion District, sponsored by immersive art and culture platform UNXD, will house virtual storefronts from some of the biggest global brands that debuted at last year’s event. The district will focus on co-creation, collaboration, and community input.

Tommy Hilfiger will showcase an experience featuring AI-generated fashion, and a community competition with the winner chosen by Mr. Hilfiger himself. Meanwhile, Dundas is partnering with DRESSX on wearables and UME for its avatars. The Dolce & Gabbana space will exhibit winning designs from Future Reward, its digital design competition spotlighting emerging talent with the creation of a co-branded wearables collection.

Miami Fashion Week will be the first globally recognized fashion week to participate, hosting events, panels, and runway shows. Visitors can also expect experiences from COACH, which is teaming up with web3 artists, and British shoe brand Clarks, with its ‘Clarks Arcade’ nostalgic activities including video games, dance battles, and vintage fairground rides.

Get ready to move your body in Alo Yoga’s yoga and meditation sessions in Decentraland. The brand entered the web3 space earlier this month, releasing NFTs to owners of its Aspen Ski collection and also launched a virtual store.

The event will also showcase HBO’s The Hype Season 2 winner, Winston Bartholomew Holder III, aka Barth, who will be presenting his collection.

But the highlight of this year’s event is Adidas’ Virtual Gear NFT Capsule Collection, which will debut a community-focused experience bringing together owners of its Virtual Gear digital fashion collection and Decentraland users. The Virtual Gear NFT holders will receive an exclusive 3D twin of their Virtual Gear piece for their Decentraland avatar to wear inside the virtual world. Currently, the Virtual Gear collection is limited to use on PFPs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club. Still, this event will make Decentraland the first place where it becomes a (virtual) reality, made possible via DCL’s newly developed Linked Wearable feature.

So, mark your calendars for Metaverse Fashion Week 2.0, where Miami will be showcasing the future of fashion and immersive experiences for all fashion and tech enthusiasts alike.

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